About the Association of Video Professionals LLC – Company Info

Association of Video Professionals Who we are
The Association of Video Professionals LLC ("AVP") was founded in 2006 by a group of video studio owners who saw the need to help video companies grow their business. AVP was built from the ground up by it’s members and led by it’s Board of Directors, who have solid video and corporate startup experience.

There are many clubs and associations out there for video enthusiasts, but few who care and strive to grow your business. AVP exists not only to help with business techniques, marketing, and technical training but also to partner with it’s members and give them the tools they need to operate thriving and successful businesses.

In 2008, AVP expanded its service offerings by launching a world class, national directory listing for businesses in the video services industry. The primary goal of this site is to link customers seeking video related services in their local area with qualified professional video companies.

findavideoprofessional.com, sponsored by AVP, is quickly becoming the premiere online resource for customers seeking video related services and video professionals looking to take their businesses to the next level. Check out our Directory information page or AVP Membership Page for more information on these outstanding opportunities!